Dwindling numbers of volunteer firefighters worries locals

GLASSBORO- With responding to over 700 calls a year including, motor vehicle accidents, alarm systems, and fires, it is surprising to hear that the Glassboro Fire Department is struggling to find volunteers. Though the department has had  long standing reliable members for the past 116 years, from 2010 to 2012 those numbers have decreased.

In recent research from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) it is estimated that 30 % of firefighters are career firefighters and  70 % are in fact volunteers. This being said, it is crucial that the amount of the volunteers increase in order to have sustainability in the department. NFPA also states that departments with more volunteers then that of career firemen, then they  are responsible for the protection of at least 25,000 people in the county.

When talking Susan M. a local resident in Glassboro, she states her concern about this growing issue..

“Something needs to be done soon, locals here do not need the extra worry that if in fact a fire was to happen to their home, that every hand in the fire department was there to help. We do not need unwanted casualties because of something so silly like this.”

Another resident (who wished to remain anonymous) had a different take on this issue,

“Although it is a shame that the fire department is looking for volunteers, as long as there  are enough to protect us , I don’t really see a problem.If the numbers decrease so bad  to the point were other fire departments need to step in , then I have a problem with it.”

Unfortunately,the glassboro fire department was unable to comment on the issue particularly. However, one former volunteer firefighter was able to put his input in on the issue,

” Though I am not positive how desperate the fire department is for volunteers, I’m sure they will be able to handle whatever problems that may occur with this issue entirely. I have complete faith in the chief. and the other firefighters.”

Whatever the issue maybe, it is clear that glassboro is a becoming a fast growing community. It is with the help of not only the EMT,police, and fire departments but that of their volunteers as well. Without them, more causalities could be possible in the near future.

If you would like to become a volunteer firefighter please visit our website: http://www.glassborofiredept.com/joinus.htm 


Tailgating: Is it too risky for Rowan ?

GLASSBORO- When fans and students piled into the Richard Wacker stadium for the annual Friday Night Lights game at Rowan University, it was not the game, but the pre-game activities in the parking lot that raised a lot of questions. Many were seen with tail-beds flipped, and classic red solo cups in hand. Though tailgating is often associated with sporting events in any case, many people questioned whether it is appropriate for college events such as this. When alcohol is also thrown in the mix with students in close proximity,people often wonder what the true motives of a football game mean to the students.

” It isn’t as much as the gathering of the students, but the underage drinking that can be involved with tailgating that causes a huge concern” said one Rowan police officer ( who wished to remain anonymous for privacy reasons ).

Although it is common knowledge that underage drinking is illegal it is one of the main reasons why certain colleges, not just Rowan, will not partake in tailgating events during football games.Though the argument is is that many believe that students will already drink before the game anyways, so why not monitor it before it gets to out of control?

“If I was of legal age to drink I would go to more football games if I was in fact allowed to tailgate.” said Meagan, a junior at Rowan who strongly believed in allowing students of legal age  to have tailgate gatherings in Rowan’s parking lot.

Another question that arouse was how beneficial would tailgating be if it was allowed. Would it in fact help fill the seats, or would it cause more grief for the Rowan security?

If there is one thing that both sides can agree on is that without the fans, games just would not be the same.It is the question of whether Rowan should in fact try to allow tailgating as a trial run and see where it leads. Having the Rowan and Glassboro police force  behind Rowan would help monitoring the parking lots much easier and help keep incidents from happening. Having students wanting to come to football games can be a struggle, but just throwing a barbecue and having a small rock band for one game is not what brings out the fans. It is the social gathering before the game is what people remember for a lifetime, so what is the crime in that?